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Nikles in short

Nikles Group is one of the world’s leading shower equipment manufacturer and supplier. Nikles is a Swiss family owned corporation. We manufacture quality products that are sustainable and durable. Our clients all around the globe, such as luxury manufacturers and leading retailers are sourcing hand showers, shower heads, slide bars, shower systems, and kitchen sprays from us.

Nikles consistently re-invest profits back into research and development resulting in a continuous stream of new products and technologies. We are committed to maintain and to expand our position as a technology partner. Nikles prides itself with products that are trendsetting and state of the art design.

All Nikles products are in compliance with diverse standards in different regions of the world. Our customer base is global with clients from all around the world such as Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

Nikles’s most recent development

Nikles Sound - The Nikles Sound Technology features an integrated cartridge that is powered by a water turbine. It does not require any external charging or replacing batteries. The system simply turns on as soon as the water tap is opened and the water flow starts. The turbine powers the integrated speaker, microphone, Bluetooth® wireless connection and recharges an integrated battery. Therefore there is no need for additional batteries or connection to the main power supply.

You can connect any external devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or others which have Bluetooth® wireless connection. For your convenience the system stays on for 5 more minutes after you close the water flow. This allows you to save water while you are getting soaped or continue to listen to your favorite song when you are getting out of the shower!

1982 - Today

Nikles was founded in 1982 by today’s president Mr. Gerhard Nikles.

In the early days, Nikles was purely a trading company and an agency for plumbing products, mainly distributed in Switzerland and Italy.

In the early 90’s, Nikles developed into a manufacturer and began producing Inox braided flex hoses as connection hoses for water taps. After a few years, many well established tap ware manufacturers gradually became clients of Nikles. Initial investments in the first generation shower program followed and with the sale of the trading arm of the company, the direction of the company’s future as an OEM manufacturer was determined.

Nikles now

To date, Nikles remains a 100% family owned business with sales organizations in Switzerland, Italy, USA, China, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand as well as in Germany. Our main distribution and production centers for the Nikles products are located in Italy and China.

Nikles is continuously expanding to serve local customers.

We opened a sales office in Bangkok Thailand in 2012 and established in 2015 another sales office in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Our Philosophy

As a designer, creator and manufacturer of shower products it is our core purpose to offer to the consumer the right product with an attractive design, appropriate functionality and superior quality and thus contribute to the success of our clients and business partners.

Our success is built around a team of people with an extraordinary dedication to their professional standards. We believe in the mutual leverage of our business.

Our focus is the creation of products and implementation of strategies to exceed market expectations.

Our suppliers and customers

Our suppliers and customers trust in our proven commitment to excellent service and in our ability to offer effective solutions tailored to their needs.

Thanks to our platform based product portfolio we offer a maximum degree of tailor made solutions to our partners. Our manufacturing practices are geared to produce energy efficient showers in line with the company’s philosophy to use resources carefully and respectfully. Nikles continuously invests in research and development of existing and emerging technologies to ensure that our customers always have access to the latest innovative products.


Experience a gentle, uplifting feeling that envelopes the body. Delivering a rejuvenating shower spray that is soft and gentle on the skin. Airdrop showers operate quietly and save water at the same time.

Airdrop System

Switch to wellness! Enjoy the powerful massaging shower spray that exhilarates the body and awaken the senses. Nikles Booster technology creates the sensation of a full shower regardless of the water pressure.

Nikles Booster Technology

Save water without compromising shower comfort. The highly efficient 6 liters per minute showers not only reward you with a good ecological conscious but also with a shower experience without compromise.

Eco-Comfort Shower

All Nikles multifunction showers feature the convenient click mechanism. You feel and hear the click when changing the function of the shower sprays.

Click-Position System

Super polished - mirror like surface. Our state of the art chrome plating technology produces mirror like surfaces. The resulting ultra smooth surface prevents the buildup of lime and residues all Nikles products.

Mirror Chrome

Swipe away residues with a flick of your finger.

Easy to clean

Insulated shower systems prevent scalding and prevent accumulation of residues. This protects and saves you much cleaning time and the use of harsh chemicals.

Thermo Insulation

Rainlight / Rainbow lights switch on automatically, when you turn on the water. Lights continue for two minutes after you shut off the Nikles rainlight showers. An extra bit of quality time.

Auto On/Off

Nikles single lever mixers enable you to adjust the water temperature to your liking. The mixers also feature the Nikles cool touch function for your safety. The internal mixer body is made of brass and the outer body cover is made of ABS to prevent scalding.

Single Level Mixer

The new Nikles push-button system makes it easy to switch from a soothing soft shower spray to a pulsating massage spray. Enjoy an exhilarating shower at any water pressure.

Click Position

Nikles thermostatic mixers are made for your comfort. The high quality thermostatic cartridge is preset at an enjoyable and save 38° Celsius. It includes anti - scalding protection for your safety.


Nikles flow limiters are saving water and energy without losing the comfort of a full shower spray. All flow limiters comply with water regulations and each one is tested during manufacturing to assure performance. Nikles flow limiters are ecologically sound. Available from 4 lt/min to 16 lt/min.

Flow Limiter

The Nikles Light cartridge illuminates the shower spray in a ray of soothing colors as soon as you turn on the water. No electrical connection is needed to power Nikles Light because our patented cartridge system uses hydropower energy. The Nikles Light completes your relaxing shower experience.


Nikles Sound plays your favorite music and simply connects your phone to your shower head. The revolutionary Nikles Sound cartridge with a high performance loudspeaker and a microphone connects via Bluetooth® to any enabledand paired device including your smartphone. The Nikles turbine generates the power required for operating the device and recharges automatically while you shower.


The Nikles check valve prevent water back flow from showers, faucets or shower hoses. These one-way directional valves are for more safety.

Check Valve

Nikles electronic faucets are an easy and intuitive way to control your shower functions. The three-way diverter system allows switching easily the functions. The automatic temperature control function allows you to adjust the water temperature continuously. Our concealed electronic faucet features push button or touch panel functionality for your convenience.


Nikles with its Infinity range has achieved the ideal combination of organic, timeless design and ergonomic forms for ultimate comfort. The range of Infinity products allow you to match the shower to your bathroom.

Nikles Infinity

Nikles Carbon

Nikles shower hoses include many smart technologies. One is the possibility to add flow limiters or check valves. The standard G1/2 connection enables easy installations and the swiveled nut provides a longer product life. The Easy-to-Clean technology of the hose surface is an additional advantage. Nikles shower hoses are available in different lengths and in anti-bacterial material complying with German norm DVGW W270.


Experience a truly rejuvenating shower with the Nikles cascade showers. Feel the water purling on your body and relax from the daily stress.

Cascade Shower