Techno Line 2022
NIKLES - Your Partner For Showers
Techno Line 2022
NIKLES - Your Partner For Showers
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NIKLES- Your Partner For Showers
Dropless Technology
NIKLES- Your Partner For Showers
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NIKLES - Your Partner For Showers
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After shutting off the water in our Dropless system, the water remaining completely drains from the shower head. This enables the system to avoid bacteria build up within the shower head. The quick removal of all remaining water reduces the possibility of llimescale buildup inside the shower head and nozzles.

Auto On / Off

Rainlight / Rainbow lights switch on automatically, when you turn on the water. Lights continue for two minutes after you shut off the NIKLES Rainlight showers. An extra bit of quality time.

Cascade Shower

Experience a truly rejuvenating shower with the Nikles cascade showers. Feel the water purling on your body and relax from the daily stress.

Check Valve

The Nikles check valve prevent water back flow from showers, faucets or shower hoses. These one way directional valves are for more safety.

Push-Button System

The new Nikles push-button system makes it easy to switch from a soothing soft shower spray to a pulsating massage spray. Enjoy an exhilarating shower at any water pressure.

Click Position System

All NIKLES multifunction showers feature the convenient click mechanism. You feel and hear the click when changing the function of the shower sprays.