Nikles Techno Line 2022

Discover our new complete modern and minimalistic Techno line for your bathroom.

The Techno line is both modern and timeless, as well as ergonomic and sustainable, without losing comfort.

Our new Techno 250 extra large shower head features Airdrop(c) technology, for an extra rejuvenating shower spray. Airdrop(c) technology enriches every drop of water with pockets of air and saves water with only 12l/min.

The slim shower system with an angle of 60° covers your full body with water for a new shower experience.

Your bathroom will get a minimalistic and timeless touch with our super slim slide bar of 18mm diameter.

The hand shower with 9/l min is water saving and provides you in the same time with a full coverage of your body, due to the extra wide angle.
The multi-function model features a powerfull massage spray, which can exhilarate the body and our Swirl technology with the non-cloggable spiraling hollow spray treats your skin in a circular motion like a rejuvenating waterfall.

Our faucets not only inspire with their erconomic design but are also packed with innovative technology and reliable quality.

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